Great places to eat

BOA Steakhouse
Sophisticated hot spot featuring up market prime beef & seafood dishes amid stylish, sleek decor.
Address: 9200 Sunset Blvd #650, West Hollywood, CA 90069

ArcLight Hollywood

A Hollywood favorite since 2002, the ArcLight offers comfortable assigned seating (cushy, reclining, leg room for days), state-of-the-art sight and sound, fantastic snack bars and, for some Dionysian indulgence, an in-house café-bar.

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Great places to get gas

We have stations everywhere, just look around.

Great Places to vacation in California

Laugna Beach, Santa Barbara, Carlsbad, San Francisco, Los Angeles,

Top Books made in movies

Gone with the Wind, The God Father, Gone Girl, The Host, Grapes of Wrath

Great music in LA

1. The Fonda Theater, 2. The Troubadour, 3. Hollywood Bowl, 4. El Rey Theater, 5. Greek Theater,

The Sun Set script.


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