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Video providers

In the coming year, we expect investment and innovation in the video ecosystem to concentrate even more on the intersection of content, technology, and user experience. Digital music providers — with their vast pools of content, playlists, suggestion engines, social recommendations, mood-based curation, and even celebrity recommendations — have excelled at helping listeners find the…
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partnerships with social media

Even as they establish partnerships with social media sites, E&M firms cannot neglect the importance of their own apps to their business model. Especially with the TV emerging as the key connected device for video in the living room, providing a potentially larger context for apps and Internet content, media owners must have a modern,…
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Extending media experiences into physical experiences

As fans spend more time on their digital devices, they feel more personally connected to their favorite artists, stars, athletes, and fellow fans — so much so that they crave more live, direct interactions with them. A great deal of evidence supports this. Touring and festivals are now the lifeblood of the music industry. Theme…
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Capitalizing on “pockets of growth”

The quest for new sources of growth frequently compels companies to concentrate on tech-driven innovation or geographic expansion. In the process, they often overlook pockets of growth within their home markets that can be discovered only through rigorous segmentation, active experimentation, and development of user insights. In the U.S., the Latino population exemplifies that potential…
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Move or adapt

The winners and losers in this coming fan-centric, direct-to-consumer world have yet to be determined. What is clear today is the list of requirements for success: attributes that will excite users — more customization, control, and perceived value — and distinctive, habit-forming brands and experiences that turn commodity eyeballs into devoted fans. Transitioning to a…
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