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Frederick K. Pobi is the founder of Kobooko ONE↑, an online marketing/artist management, and events company. He focuses on developing tailor-made strategies that suit the business needs and goals of his clients. Frederick is a self-motivated young man, business-oriented, I.T Pro, an aspiring actor, director, and writer. With over 9 years experience in the industry at advertising/promotion level for Marketing, Public Relations, Image Consulting, and Publishing; Frederick bring professionalism to the Entertainment desk with in-depth understanding of the demands in the business environment.

Impacting his presence in the entertainment industry as a talent manager working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Frederick approaches the artists and labels from a relatable and a well-informed perspective. Frederick is a true definition of an Executive Manager who guides the Professional Career of Talents in the Entertainment Industry, articulating the greatest negotiation potentials to elevate a Talent’s Brand in the job Market.

Frederick Kwaku Pobi  / Marketing Assistance
16 Abed Kwakye Owusu Str.
McCarthy Hill, Accra
Ghana, Africa Email:
Tel: +233-245-429-047







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